Woov App – Afrobeat In the Park

The Hague African Festival is now live on the Woov app! In our latest collaboration, we’re teaming up with the most complete festival app out there. On this app, festival-goers can access a terrain map that places the stages and attractions in the park, connect with their friends who are in attendance with them and keep track off the entire festival line-up - all in one place!

The Hague African Festival presents AfroBeats in the Park!

Hou zondag 14 juli alvast vrij in je agenda. Want dan barst The Hague African Festival weer in alle hevigheid los. Afrobeats in the Park wordt de meest swingende editie tot nu toe met grote optredens en Afrobeats loving DJ’s. Maar ook voorafgaand aan het festival organiseert THAF weer allerlei mooie activiteiten die je zeker niet wilt missen!